'words rules' is a puzzle game made for GMTK 2023, a 48 hour game jam.

Instead of finding words that fit the rules, find rules that fit the words.

Choose from the list on the right. The rules fit the 2 given words, you must eliminate as many other words from fitting these rules as possible. In other words, how specifically can you describe these words?

Score is calculated from the number of all 5 letter words that fit the rules, where lower is better. It's displayed as a percentage between best and worst possible scores.


  • Y is not considered a vowel. Sorry.
  • You cannot undo.
  • It is possible you will get profanity, the data set has not been 'cleaned'.
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AuthorHunter Dyar
TagsWord game, Wordle


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This is actually really clever. Even with English not being my first language, I could find some 100% solutions and I was happy hahaha

I hope you keep improving the game! The UX could have some improvements, i.e. showing when a rule have more than one option 

Great game!