You're a conductor on a super cool train, but jealous bandits are on their way to DESTROY this train! Oh No! 

Build turrets and defend the train. Can you reach the station in time?


  • Move: Gamepad joystick or WASD, or arrow keys.
  • Interact/Grab/Let Go: Gamepad Button or Space
  • Mute with 'm'

Created by Hunter Dyar, Wayeera Robertson, and Christopher Brinkley in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam.

Assets Used:

Whats going on:

You are the conductor on the train! The train is under attack! You can't kill any outlaws yourself, you ... just manage a train.

Walk up to the anvil and hold the "interact" button (space) to start hammering up yourself a Turret. Once you have one, place it at the windows so it can start taking down those evil outlaws. 

Both the turret and the window have health. The turret will protect the window from damage, and can be moved onto a health pad thing to automatically heal it.

You can manually repair a window (with no turret on it) but running up to it and holding the interact button. Put those fires out!

If all 4 windows are on fire, then the train is destroyed, and you LOSE. You win by either surviving 2 minutes (reach the station) or defeating every outlaw the west can throw at you.

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