Hearts, like the card game. I tried to play hearts the other day on my computer, and windows games was a whole mess. Not simple at all! So instead of just going to one of the many wonderful, simple hearts games out there, I made my own. It's like playing hearts, except alone and on a computer.

First to 50 points after a hand loses, and whoever has the lowest score when that happens is the winner. The points on the left are the current points for that hand, the score on the right is your banked points after each hand.

Mute/Unmute sounds with the "m" key.

Double-tap 'escape' to quit to menu.

Rules to Hearts




Known Issues:

  • Score can overlap cards
  • Sometimes you can play before the 2 of clubs is auto-played, and then things break.
  • Spam-clicking cards can break things.
  • Game begins before the shuffle sound finishes playing
  • Rarely, the AI will play more than once (I can't consistently replicate when)

Considering eventually, but unlikely:

  • Keyboard input
  • Sound when hearts is broken
  • Fancier "you win" display, perhaps with confetti, kittens, and elaborately trumpeted fanfare
  • Varying the "riskiness" of the AI
  • Commissioning a pixel artist friend for new (bespoke) graphics

Not planned:

  • Passing cards (sorry)
  • Saving/Loading games
  • Implementing more complex AI, like a monte-carlo method or whatever.
  • Game speed settings
  • AI difficulty settings


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