Pipes is a challenging logic puzzle. Click to rotate the pipes so that all the pipes are connected. The correct solution will never contain a closed loop.

Left click to rotate clockwise, right click to rotate counter-clockwise. Tap G to toggle a grid, which some may find helpful.

The non-wrap puzzles are significantly easier than the ones that wrap, as the pieces along the perimeter can be deduced in non-wrap puzzles. That's a good starting point for solving them.

The puzzles are randomly generated every time. The generation is done with a modified implementation of Wilson's algorithm.

Created in 4 days as a personal jam project. The core concept isn't original, I've seen a few versions over the years, and I think the mechanic has been in a few board games I've played. Not sure. There is a particular flash game from my childhood that I suppose always stuck in my head. Well, flash is dead and I have no hope of remembering or finding that old game. So I made my own version for fun. It was PuzzleTeamClub's more recent release that made me remember the old game and think about how I might generate the puzzles myself ... and here we are.

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AuthorHunter Dyar
Made withUnity

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