Alpha prototype of the dice dungeon game. Lots of obvious ToDo's, and it's not balanced well at all. I need some feedback.

I'm working on other things in the time being, so I'm putting this up as-is. Probably won't come back to it? Maybe?

Most of the awesome placeholder art is by Rvros.

Next step with mechanics, is to add enemies with strengths and weaknesses to particular types of attacks (magic, swords, arrows, punching, do different damage to different enemies). Also, the player leveling system needs to be figured out.

Major hurtle is that I want to redo the UI entirely, and I am considering mobile as a final platform. Not sure about any of that.

Refresh for new dungeons/game. No way to do it from in the game rn.

How to play:

To go to a fight, go to the map screen. Click on adjacent dungeon rooms until you select one with an enemy. To fight, select moves on the right then click "take turn".  Selecting dice puts them in a "hold" zone.

After each fight you go back to the menu where you can spend gold on dice, select which dice you want to use in battle, and buy upgrades.

I am not sure if the game can be beaten right now, since the player upgrade system doesn't work, but the enemy upgrade/level system does.

Known bugs:

  • Dice purchase confirmation doesn't show correct dice
  • Selecting a move after starting animation breaks things
  • Pushing buttons while animations are going breaks things in general
  • Healthbars don't always update correctly
  • Cant move a dice selected from a move into/out of hold without unselecting the move first.
  • The "go deeper into the dungeon" icon is a scroll because, listen, I had a scroll icon. its fine. 
  • Enemy/Player locations are generally incorrect
  • The game doesnt actually end after you die, its just broken. Refresh the page.

Some things I know I want to do, if I continue the project

  • Redo the UI (move list horizontal cards, above the dice window below the fight)
  • Wildcard tokens
  • Counter/dodge/parry attacks that are dependent on the enemy (and other ways to encourage the player to pay attention to enemy fight sequence)
  • Letting the player know what move the enemy will do next/a short list of them
  • Tooltip over the dice in your field to see what dice it is
  • zoom in/out on map