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Hello from a fellow Bit Bridge game jam participant! I solved up to the 9x9 Hard puzzle and had a really good time with it! The pixel art was really readable from a glance, and the aesthetic as a whole feels pretty clean and cohesive. It provided just enough of a challenge to be a good time without being too stressful or difficult. All in all, a really fun little package and a job well done, thanks! 

Here's a participant badge for the jam!

I solved all the puzzles! Had to refresh for the 12x12 until it gave a correct puzzle.

Interesting how I could start to see some patterns (adjacent tiles should at most be two veggies, seeing vertical lines of veggies, etc). It'll be interesting to try and get unique solutions, perhaps more rulesets? Some stuff I've seen is making sure knights L space away can't match, or maybe there can only be certain number per row or column? Anyway, very cool, nice job! 

nice little puzzle here although i only play 6x6